Wednesday Updates & Generalities

I’ve changed the color simply because I didnt’ like the whole streaky look.  If the clog is going to look boring (not that I don’t like it, I really do, I mean it saves me from having to hunt for a new header pic like every two weeks, give up in frustration and just leave it alone until I realize that I am really tired of looking at that same stupid pic, so there it goes…there it g-o-e-s again…sorry, I’ll stop this parenthetical, comma-tic, run-on sentence of a stream of consciousness sidebar), I’d rather it look boring in a solid color.

I’ll be changing the motto at the top as it’s the only option left to me to add personality to the site (again, not that I’m complaining…sorry, I’ll quit before I start again).  I’ll be doing this on a basis between whenever I feel like it and whenever I can come up with something original or rip off something that sounds original or…ack, stop it!

I’m in a bit of a tangential mood today.  Can you tell?

I’m thinking the STFU Award shouldn’t be a constant widget, but rather should be awarded by us, the users, on a case by case basis.  As such, the floor is open and a tag has been created for you, the user, to award STFUs to whomever you choose.

All I ask is that you restrain yourself and try not to overload your posts with them.  Let’s set up some informal rules:

  • Tag your post with the brand new STFU Award tag (RENE!!!)
  • Title your post as such “STFU Award: Insert Name Here” (RENE!!!)
  • Try not to award more than like one a day (that may be too much, but hey, it’s your clog too)

That should suffice.  Like I said, they’re informal rules, mostly for the sake of readability, so try and follow them.

I think that about covers it.  Anything else?  Comment, people.

2 Responses

  1. If it makes you feel better, you can change the colors on us from week to week.

  2. […] the existing framework and just tweak it a bit.  After seeing the changes going on at the clog, i got jealous.   I’ve added some new header images, getting rid of some older […]

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