Keeping with the Whole Simpsons Theme

First off, condolences to Rene & his family.  Sorry, dude.  Haven’t heard from your mom, though.  I’ll keep an ear out.

Well, for some fun-ish news:
My dad is off on vacation and he’s currently in LA.  He calls me today while I’m at the grocery store and says, “You’ll never guess where we just were.”  I ask him where they were, he tells me to guess and after two strikes he says they were at the Kwik-E-Mart in LA.  I was so jealous, and asked if he could bring me back some Buzz Cola.  He checks and says they didn’t have any, but he got me a bobble head instead.

Other news:
I have a flickr account which can be viewed here.  It’s mostly full of random photos, so check it out if you care to. I know I said I’d update like months and months ago, but let’s face it; summer is down time for most everyone.  We’ll get the train rolling again.  More powerful than you can possibly imagine.


3 Responses

  1. […] can’t take the credit for these.  they came from Aroon’s Flickr.  But still. to funny to not share with you guys.  Here are some of my […]

  2. dude – those photos are great. A work of observed art, oh yes!

    please email me !!!!

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